About Metropal

We are a financial institution that provides tailor-made financial services to all our customers in Kenya and we strive to enable individuals and corporates to achieve their dreams through value addition to their finances and lives. On top of credit and savings services, we offer insurance services through our brand Metropal Insurance. We have 15 branches across the country that have existed for 10 years. Finally, through Corporate Social Responsibility projects, we strive to be part of the community that we serve. We support communal initiatives on need basis.

Our mission

To promote professionalism, tailored solutions in services, facilitate culture of efficiency, high integrity, good management practices and includes responsible behavior amongst staff in order to maintain quality staff

Our vision

The firm seeks to cultivate a client responsive approach, provision of quality financial services, efficiency and timeliness from a customer satisfaction stand point as an apparent impetus to business growth.

  • -To render quality services.
  • -To provide quality services to the satisfaction of client needs which will ultimately provide value for money.
  • -To inculcate behavioral and professional values as a culture of staff routine practices.
  • -To broaden business activities in a bid to ingrain the economies of scale
  • -To create employment to the youth, Women & People with Disability.
  • -To take services to remote locations.
  • -To contribute towards sustainable development both locally and internationally.

Trust and reliability, Accounting, Customer focus, Transparency, Integrity, Team work

Board members

We are here to Accelerate your business and help you find the way.
John Mwangi


Jack Kingori

Vice chairman

Joseph Mbugua